We are a group of viral ecologists at the University of Exeter, UK striving to #bemorepirate

Ben Temperton

Principal Investigator of the Temperton Group

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Michelle Michelsen

PhD student working on viral infections in marine systems

Dr Luis BolaƱos

Postdoctoral Bioinformatician working on host-viral interactions on a global scale

Shayma Alathari

PhD student at Exeter University, working in alliance with CEFAS to develop genomic tools for field based screening of pathogens in aquaculture

Dr Jo Warwick-Dugdale

Postdoc and marine microbial ecologist with a passion for understanding how communities of the smallest marine organisms

Dr Julie Fletcher

Postdoctoral Scholar investigating viral infections in Haemophilus influenzae

Christian Fitch

PhD student developing phage therapeutics for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkholderia spp. infections in CF patients

Jacob Sturgess

MbyRes student using AI and robotics for high throughput phage isolation and characterisation

Robin Wright

MbyRes student developing protocols for phage rebooting in cell-free systems

Lauren Grant

MbyRes student developing informatic methods for computer-assisted phage engineering