Holger Buchholz

I graduated from the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) with a Bachelor (honours, first class) in Marine Science with Arctic Studies. As with many microbiologists, I started with the intend of learning about sharks and corals, soon got interest in little sediment critters, and did my undergraduate thesis in bacterial secondary metabolites. Now I am involved with viruses of the smallest bacteria in the ocean, if there is something smaller, I’ll find it. Currently, I’m in the second year of my PhD at the University of Exeter.

I am working on high-throughput isolation of viruses for streamlined heterotrophic bacteria, how viruses influence carbon metabolism in streamlined hosts such as SAR11, and phage genome analysis. My special interest are streamlined Methylotrophs such as OM43 and Methylophages and trying to find out what role they play in marine ecosystems.