Joanna Warwick-Dugdale

I am a student marine microbial ecologist with a passion for understanding how communities of the smallest marine organisms (i.e. bacteria; archaea; algae; viruses) function to drive systems at large scales (e.g. nutrient cycling). My background as a diving instructor sparked my interest in coral reef health, and from there I became fascinated by the ‘holobiont’: organisms are host to microbial communities that are vital to everyday function. Whilst investigating algae-virus interactions and large scale algae culture with Dr Mike Allen at PML, my interests evolved to include microbial function at larger scales, such as the effect of plankton blooms on nutrient cycling by microbial communities. After an internship isolating cyanobacteria from the Red Sea with Dr John Archer at KAUST, I have returned to PML as UoE student, and under the supervision of Dr Ben Temperton I am undertaking a PhD investigating microbial carbon cycling in shelf seas.